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John Du Cann - 1977 - The World's Not Big Enough

John Du Cann
The World's Not Big Enough

01. Don't Be A Dummy [03:05]
02. You Didn't Know Any Better [03:22]
03. Fashion Fantasy [02:32]
04. When I Was Old [02:33]
05. Only One Night [02:59]
06. Where's The Show! [02:24]
07. She's My Woman [02:30]
08. Throw Him In Jail [02:27]
09. Evil You, Part 1 [02:40]
10. Don't Talk [02:24]
11. Your Application Failed [02:51]
12. If I'm Makin' [02:57]
13. Street Strutter [02:21]
14. Evil You, Part 2 [02:40]
15. Hesitation [02:23]
16. Exodus (Johnny And His Epic Guitars) (Bonus Track) [02:39]
17. Moody Child (Bonus Track) [03:23]
18. Truck Stop (Bonus Track) [02:47]
19. Well Let's Go (Bonus Track) [03:55]
20. Paradise (Bonus Track) [02:46]
21. I Want To Be Alone (Bonus Track) [02:28]
22. Ode To Mai West (Bonus Track) [02:30]
23. Wise Man (Bonus Track) [02:56]
24. Ooh Be Doo (Bonus Track) [03:37]
25. Thanx For Nothing (Bonus Track) [03:58]
26. Who Cares? (Bonus Track) [02:06]
27. The Door (Bonus Track) [00:20]

John Du Cann - Bass, Guitar, Vocals
Andy Bown - Keyboards
Francis Rossi - Guitar
John McCoy - Bass
Pete Kircher – Drums

During the mid-1970s, Du Cann was signed to Quarry Management, who also handled Status Quo. When Du Cann presented some demo tracks to Arista Records, it was suggested that he record them in a studio with Status Quo guitarist Francis Rossi acting as producer. A group was assembled to record the album, including bass guitarist John McCoy, who later played with Ian Gillan; Liverpool Express and Original Mirrors drummer Pete Kircher, and keyboard player Andy Bown who was also a member of Status Quo. Ex-Atomic Rooster drummer Paul Hammond also played on several tracks. The band subsequently performed concerts in London, but Arista ultimately decided not to release the album.[1]

The album was eventually released in 1992, and featured Du Cann's 1979 UK hit single "Don't Be a Dummy", which he performed on Top of the Pops. The 1999 CD version also featured a number of bonus tracks, mostly demos and rough versions of songs not featured on the original album.[2]

"She's My Woman" and "Where's the Show!" were re-recorded when Du Cann rejoined Atomic Rooster, and were released on the band's 1980 album Atomic Rooster.

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