Friday, March 27, 2015

Janne Schaffer - 1976 - Katharsis

Janne Schaffer 

01. Bromma Struttin'
02. Den Blaa Porten
03. Dimba Jullow
04. Ramsa
05. Atlanta Inn 2419
06. Den Roda Porten
07. Skogsstjarnan

Guitar: Janne Schaffer
Electric Piano, Clabvinet, Flute: Bjorn J:son Lindh
Drums, Percussion: Malando Gassama
Bass: Stefan Brolund

Drums: Lars Beijbom
Piano: Lars Jansson
Violin: Mats Glenngard
Bass: Matz Nilsson
Drums: Peter Sundell
Soprano Sax: Lennart Aberg

The timeline of local record distributions for Schaffer stops around mid-70's.His third album ''Katharsis'' was simultaneously released in the UK, the USA and Sweden via the managements of Columbia and CBS Records.Next to the usual suspects Björn J:son Lindh, Stefan Brolund and Malando Gassama, Schaffer now collaborates with Kebnekaise's Mats Glenngard on violin, keyboardist John "Rabbit" Bundrick (a future member of The Who), Lars Jansson from Mount Everest on clavinet, Lars Beijbom and Peter Sundell on drums and Lennart Aberg on sax.The album was recorded at the Marcus Music and Europa Film Studios.

Soundwise Schaffer moves a bit deeper into the classic 70's Fusion stylings with the pronounced jazzy free spirit evident in several of his guitar solos, although he still performed pieces in a more suitable guitar-oriented Rock.The tracks contain elements of Funk as well, especially through the bass lines and the use of clavinet, and the sound ranges from more technical deliveries to melodic and atmospheric material.Schaffer still struggles to perform high-class instrumental music, nevertheless his compositions are always pleasant to the ear via the combination of loose executions and tighter instrumental themes.His approach reminds me of a guitar-fronted WEATHER REPORT or RETURN TO FOREVER with bits from DIXIE DREGS' energy and the rougher edges of compatriots KEBNEKAISE.Nice and easy flow with some pretty outstanding drumming and bass work and certain success in the guest performances on sax, flute and clavinet.Schaffer's style remains a combination of rockin' leads and jazzy solos, although his tendency towards more loose performances is more than obvious.The album contains also some marching Fusion grooves and, once more, the melodic work of Schaffer is quite great, especially on the relaxing ''Atlanta Inn 2419''.

Schaffer had become a notable reference of the style at this point.A recommended album to anyone searching for compact Fusion with evidence on guitar chops and multiple instrumental colors around.



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