Sunday, March 22, 2015

Jack Lancaster & Rick Van Der Linden - 1979 - Wild Connections

Jack Lancaster & Rick Van Der Linden
Wild Connections

01. Early Morning Jones 5:48
02. Your Home 4:56
03. African Violet 5:07
04. Fortuna 4:20
05. Wild Connections 4:48
06. Claudia 3:51
07. Aural Exciter 2:29
08. Nyala 5:13

Choir – English Chorale, The
Drums – Barry Morgan
Lyricon – Jack Lancaster
Synthesizer [Yamaha Gx1] – Rick van der Linden

From the back cover: "With the exception of drums and choir, this album is completely synthesised on Lyricon and Yamaha GX1. The lyricon is an electronic wind instrument capable of the fullest range of expression. The sounds available on the Lyricon are practically infinite. GX1 is a tri-manual synthesiser with bass pedals; "Yamaha's Monster!" Stevie Wonder called it "The Dream Machine"."

I was unfamiliar with this album until recently, but am glad that I got a chance to check it out. It's all instrumental, with Van der Linden playing nothing but the Yahama GX1, and Lambert playing nothing but the lyricon. A rather good live drummer is added. The music will strongly appeal to fans of Ekseption and Trace. Even though the basic concept is the same, it's a bit more laid-back than either of the above-mentioned bands.



  2. This was the album I was looking for. You're the greatest!. And even other albums of Rick van der Linden. There is much to explore and learn. Thanks.

  3. Thank you very much for this album!
    It's a rare find.
    Is it possible to create a FLAC link or am I asking too much now...

  4. sorry dude.. I dont do flac.. coz i cant hear the difference between mp3@320 and flac... (I know there is... I just cant hear it)... I think there is a russian torrent site that has it on flac... so go on forward searching my friend!

  5. I will do that!
    Thank you Sir!

  6. I will really love to hear this one, but the link is down.
    Reup, please?

  7. Link is working. Thank you very much.