Monday, March 23, 2015

Hard Stuff - 1973 - Bolex Dementia

Hard Stuff
Bolex Dementia

01. Sick N’ Tired – 4:04
02. Mermany – 5:58
03. Jumpin’ Thumpin [ Ain't That Somethin' ] – 2:55
04. Dazzle Dizzy – 3:41
05. Bolex Dementia – 3:41
06. Roll A Rocket – 5:19
07. Libel – 3:58
08. Ragman – 3:01
09. Spidere Web – 4:55
10. Get Lost – 3:01

- John (Du) Cann / Guitars
- John Gustafson / Bass
- Paul Hammond / Drums

Hard Stuff’s second album isn’t as brutally heavy as their debut album, but it does still have some quite heavy guitar work. They sound a little more polished though, and they do experiment with some different styles.

There are some hard edged power chording going on but there’s also some ventures into funk and weirdness. ‘Mermany’ is strange acoustic rock that kind of grows on you after a while. ‘Libel’ has a groovy bass line layered with r&bish vocals, and ‘Bolex Dementia’ is a fuzzy conglameration of shortwave radio noises, scratchy noise samples, and a psychotic sounding guitar riff.

The album’s reigning acheivement has to be ‘Spider’s Web’. Great guitar riff, great bass playing, a bit funky but not as funky as Deep Purple’s Stormbringer. ‘Roll A Rocket’ would be the album’s ‘Speed King’. It would make for a perfect soundtrack of to a muscle car chase from an old 70s B movie.

Heavy, but not as evil as one might think, ‘Bolex Dementia’ is a solid effort that is a bit more experimental than the previous album.

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