Monday, March 23, 2015

Hard Stuff - 1972 - Bulletproof

Hard Stuff

01. Jay Time – 2:55
02. Sinister Minister – 3:33
03. No Witch At All – 5:40
04. Taken Alive – 3:18
05. Time Gambler – 6:14
06. Millionaire – 6:06
07. Monster In Paradise – 4:35
08. Hobo – 3:25
09. Mr. Longevity – 4:36
10. The Provider – 1:53

- John (Du) Cann / Guitars
- John Gustafson / Bass
- Paul Hammond / Drums

Often regarded as one of Deep Purple’s proteges, this heavy, but melodic early 70s power trio had a credible reputation of a hard-nosed, no-compromise, heavy-rocking act in the Purple vein, throughout their short-lived career. Paul Hammond had previously played with Atomic Rooster, as did John Du Cann; John Gustafson came from Quatermass.

Hard Stuff’s Bulletproof is considerably heavier with thick mounds of aggressive guitar chords and lightning fast leads. The music itself is very rooted in the 70s. “Hard Stuff” is to Blairwitch Project as Led Zeppelin is to Nightmare on Elm Street, with the latter being more raw, gritty, and not filtered through big production values and commercialism.

Songs on the album like the hard hitting blues fest ‘Sinister Minister’ or the heavy metal self-document ‘Time Gambler’, convey a sense of soul, strength and edginess.

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