Thursday, March 26, 2015

Handgjort - 1970 - Handgjort


01. Kerala 2:35
02. Over The Wall 4:38
03. Jamil 3:13
04. Scotland The Brave 9:28
05. Ferry To Panjim 1:32
06. Worlds On Fire 3:29
07. Farmer Jack 9:44
08. Colombo 3:05
09. Barshat 4:25
Bonus tracks:
10. Kerala [live] 13:48
11. Tadeo's Lament 5:22
12. To Cathrine 4:53
13. Greg's Recitation 3:05

Guy Öhrström — guitar
Theo Greyerz — tablas, stig
Arne Karlsson — sitar
Marcus Brandelius a.k.a. Greg FitzPatrick — ezra
Björn J:son Lindh — flute
Keneth Arnström — alto sax
Dallas Smith — clarinet
Bruce Green — oboe
Jan Bandel — gong

Greg FitzPatrick was a wandering, irresponsible hippie kid from Beverly Hills, who landed illegally in Stockholm after a year or two traipsing around India & Asia. He met a few other kids who were interested in exotic travel & had been trying to jam like Coltrane on acoustic instruments, and set about hustling them into a band. Deft & beautiful acoustic improvisations with lots of buzzing resonating strings. The group wafts from delicate folk that wouldn't be out of place on an Incredible String Band record to fast runs that could easily be Pakistani classical. Sitar, tablas, acoustic guitar, and the unusual esraj (it's a Bengali cross between a cello & a sitar). The record was originally co-released on Silence in Sweden and Love in Finland, mostly because FitzPatrick courted them both and didn't tell each about the other until it was too late.

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