Friday, March 13, 2015

Gong - 1998 - Family Jewels

Family Jewels

CD One: Thinky Disc:
101. Seven Year Itch: Pip Pyle
102. Second Wind Live: Pierre Moerlen's Gong
103. Cyberwhale: Gilli Smyth & Orlando
104. So What?: Daevid Allen
105. Zombie Woof (excerpt): Pierre
106. Radio Gnome Transmission: Gong Live 97
107. Steffe Guitar Solo: Gong Live 97
108. Farewell Flagship: Daevid
109. Say No More: Pierre Moerlen's Gong
110. bOm Riff Particle: Gong Live 97
111. Can't Kill Me Jam: Gong Live 97
112. You Am I & I: Gong Live 97

CD Two: Feely Disc:
201. Hadouk: Didier Malherbe
202. Lets GLO: Steffe & Gilli
203. Blame The Rich: Daevid
204. Back To The Sea: Steffe & Gilli
205. Zeff Dance: Didier
206. Stroking The Tail Of The Bird: Daevid, Gilli & Harry Williamson
207. Mountains Of Venus: Mike Howlett
208. Deia: Steffe & Gilli
209. Blues de L'Horizon: Didier
210. Voice of Om: Daevid

22 track, double CD collection of all aspects of the Gong Family. Solo tracks, unreleased tracks and live Gong 97 tracks. Selected by the musicians themselves and compiled by Daevid and all wrapped in one of the best Gong covers he has ever produced. Even if you have everything by the Gong Family you will not have over half these tracks.



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