Friday, March 13, 2015

Gong - 1995 - 25th Birthday Party

25th Birthday Party

101. Thom Intro (1:20)
102. Floating into a Birthday Gig (5:44)
103. You Can't Kill Me (6:20)
104. Radio Gnome 25 (7:06)
105. I Am Your Pussy (4:52)
106. Pot Head Pixies (2:52)
107. Never Glid Before (5:43)
108. Sad Street (6:24)
109. Eat That Phonebook (3:27)
110. Gnomic Address (1:35)
111. Flute Salad (2:34)
112. Oily Way (3:30)
113. Outer Temple/Inner Temple (5:34)
114. She is the Great Goddess (3:12)
115. IAOM Riff (7:48)

201. Clouds Again (9:59)
202. Tri-Cycle Gliss (10:44)
203. Get a Dinner (2:02)
204. Zero Where are You? (1:29)
205. Be Who You Are My Friends (2:32)
206. It's the World of Illusion (2:58)
207. Why Don't You Try (2:18)
208. I Am You (6:34)
209. Introducing the Musicians (3:00)

- Daevid Allen / vocals, guitar, gliss guitar
- Tim Blake / synthesizer, vocals
- Mike Howlett / bass guitar
- Didier Malherbe / saxophones, flute, vocals
- Pip Pyle / drums
- Steffi Sharpstrings / guitar, gliss guitar, vocals
- Gili Smyth / space whisper, vocals

 I had high hopes for this recording after all, its got Tim and steffi. Why doesnt it work after all it should be a classic. A big big problem is the sound this is incredible wearing to listen to. I have heard many way better boot legs and also way better sets than this. I believe a good time was had (i missed this) but if any magick was there that night it did not get into the recording. The high point is the Clouds again track which sprinkles almost but is over before it gets really going. At times steffy plays at his best, but at times he is not even close to his best. All in all a disappointing record and one that you are unlikely to want to listen to in one go. sample it a track at a time and perhaps you will find a little gong magick in here somewhere. Not as awful as some Late gong recordings it isn't quite cabaret night at Berlins but its not far off.



  2. tienes la celebración completa? porque tocaron muchos proyectos derivados de gong, incluyendo lady june, que me mandó un mini-poster del evento que creo conservar en casa. si lo encuentro lo scaneo y te lo mando. gracias por este material.

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