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Gong - 1979 - You Do / Don't Have To Give Up Dope

You Do / Don't Have To Give Up Dope

01. Sprinkling Of Clouds
02. You Can't Kill Me
03. Isle Of Everywhere
04. Get It Inner
05. You Never Blow Your Trip Forever (intro)
06. You Never Blow Your Trip Forever (continued)
07. Flying Teapot
08. Haystack
09. I've Bin Stoned Before
10. Est-ce Que Je Suis?

Notes & details:

- You Can't Kill Me: ends with the usual "Camembert Electrique" coda.
- Isle Of Everywhere: Daevid sings on the intro (Oh Shiva, Shiva...).
- Get It Inner: this version differs from usual as it is played in 13/8 time rather than 12/8.
- You Never Blow Your Trip Forever: at the end there is a long audience call for an encore (almost 7 min.)
- Didier: "I mean, we are a bit tired (...) we are doing gigs all the time (...) tomorrow we play at the Melkweg".
- Flying Teapot: Steve asks: "Why don't you keep clapping?", later used by Daevid on "O Man" (N'Existe Pas).
- Est-ce Que Je Suis?: incomplete.

Date and Lineup:

Recorded in Rotterdam (Netherlands), Eksit - December 7th 1974 (except Side 2 tracks 3 & 4 which are live tracks from unknown date - circa 1970)

Note: This is from the December 7th gig, with Bill Bruford on drums filling in for Laurie Allan,not Pierre Moerlen.
Gilli Smyth is absent, Miquette Giraudy taking up her parts (You Can't Kill Me).
Didier says "Tomorrow we play at the Melkweg" (Amsterdam), which they did on Dec. 8th.

Source: PlanetGong gig history and Calyx Gong chronology.


Daevid Allen
Didier Malherbe
Tim Blake
Steve Hillage
Mike Howlett
Miquette Giraudy
Bill Bruford

This cassette was first issued by GAS in 1979 appearing for sale on Essential Gas 1979 list.
Great performance and a good stereo recording.
An essential addition for completists and classic Gong afecionados as it remains unreleased on other formats to this day and it's a rare chance to hear Bill Bruford performing with Gong.

This cassette was reissued in 1992 with slightly different content, omitting the early Gong live part. The lineup as printed on reissue is incorrect.
The last three early Gong live tracks are only available here, they are NOT present on the 1992 reissue.



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