Sunday, March 22, 2015

Ekseption - 1989 - Ekseption '89

Ekseption '89

01. Spooky
02. Ekseptional
03. Pure
04. Air
05. Flying fingers
06. Happiness
07. The artists
08. Haydn
09. Just for you
10. Drawbars
11. Jola
12. The Fifth
13. Marlene
14. Peace planet
15. Harmony
16. A believe
17. My pianoman

Line-up / Musicians
- Eddy Conard / percussion
- Rick van der Linden / keyboards
- Rein van den Broek / trumpet
- Dick Remelink / saxophone
- Peter de Leeuwe / drums
- Frans Muys van de Moer / bass guitar
- Johan Zwart / guitar

 In 1989 Ekseption tried to make a comeback after an absence from the musical scene from 8 years. Their first reunion in 1978 was not a success due to the changed musical climate where symphonic rock was considered outdated. Bringing out a successor to this LP ('Ekseption'78') which was called 'Dance Macabre', where the old material that brought then success was recorded again with exception of 2 newly added tracks, did not do anything to change the tide in their favor. So, after the break up in 1981 Ekseption attempted to revive some of their old glory and make a new start with the album 'Ekseption'89', an album almost entirely consisting of music previously released on albums of either Ekseption, Trace, or Rick van der Linden solo. However, the arrangements differ from their original versions not only in their names, but also in their sound, and a percussionist was added. Only the last track (a solo piano piece with variations on a theme from J.S. Bach) is something I had not heard previously. This release does not have any original compositions, the music is based entirely on the formula that made Ekseption famous: the way they integrated classical music with rock and jazz. The different sound of the drums does not always benefit the music, the snare being over-processed and therefore sounding like it weighs a ton. In the composition 'Harmony' it becomes especially obnoxious, since this arrangement must have one of the most boring drum parts I have ever heard: first beat bass drum, second beat snare, third beat bass drum, fourth beat snare, and this throughout the entire track. But, other tracks sound quite good and fresh, and the added percussionist certainly mixes well. So, on this album you will find Bach, Haydn, Beethoven and Schubert compositions in the unique Ekseption formula. Despite the fact that this new reunion received a lot of attention on TV the album did not become the great success that was hoped for.



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