Sunday, March 22, 2015

Ekseption - 1976 - Back To The Classics

Back To The Classics

01. Sonata In F (5:20)
02. Ave Maria (4:53)
03. Eine Kleine Nachtmusik (Serenade nr. 13 in G K.525) (4:13)
04. Clarinet Concerto In A (4:25)
05. Violin Concerto In E Minor, Op.64 (5:00)
06. Have Mercy On Me (Erbarme Dich) (6:57)
07. Flute Sonata nr.5 In F (4:53)
08. Theme From Abdelazer (3:58)
09. The Moldau (Ma Vlast) (6:51)

Line-up / Musicians
The names of the musicians are not listed on the original LP. The sleeve only mentions that "...The pieces were recorded by musicians who were with EKSEPTION between 1969 and 1975, joined by Holland's best session musicians to replace those members who had to be excluded because of contractual obligations".

This album by Ekseption contains ligh music taking fom the classic masters and it starts nicely with great Hammond organ through "Sonata in F Major" which also has excellent flute-work. In this cassette there is no line-up info that I can refer to. I thought that this was the fault of Yess for not providing this info but in fact this is not listed also in the original LP issue. The next "Ave Maria" is very famous song that most of you already know very well. One thing that touches me is really when the album hits track number 4 "Clarinet Concerto in A" where it has great work on clavinet and piano. I think the most interesting part is the piano work - especially the solo one. Of course there is a follow-up on clarinet as the title implies. Oh Boy ...the clarinet work is also excellent especially when it's combined with Hammond solo work.

Overall, this is a very good album showing great musicianship of the players, playing slected songs from Classic Masters. I think most of you would enjoy this album very much. The most important thing is that I enjoy this album because the source of the music is coming from cassette - so it's "nuansamatik" (a term that I use to describe the nuances of the music where it was originally released sometie in the past - the seventies mostly). Keep on proggin'



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