Sunday, March 22, 2015

Ekseption - 1973 - Trinity


01. Toccata (5:16)
02. The Peruvian Flute (traditional) (8:04)
03. Dreams (1:32)
04. Smile (2:53)
05. Lonely Chase (3:10)
06. Romance (3:30)
07. Improvisation (9:01)
08. Meddle (1:07)
09. Flight Of The Bumble Bee (3:22)
10. Finale III (2:50)

Line-up / Musicians
- Rein van den Broek / trumpet, flugelhorn
- Jan Vennik / Soprano & Tenor saxophones, flute
- Cor Dekker / bass guitar
- Pieter Voogt / drums, percussion
- Rick van der Linden / piano, (pipe) organ, spinet, ARP2600, synthesizer, mellotron

- Members of the Dutch Chamber Choir (on "Finale III")

A long forgotten gem!
I am very pleased that someone has paid attention to this album - again. By my standards, "Trinity" is my fave album of this band. Partly because of lesser focus on interpretation of classical pieces, thus allowing for more expression of individual talent.

Some of you in my age group probably recall the numerous reader's polls in the '70's endlessly - and also pointlessly - debating as which keyboard player was the best. The contest usually centered around Emerson, Wakeman, Van der Linden and to a lesser extent, Vangelis. Classical interpretations were very fashionable then and Van der Linden's band Ekseption have received perhaps excessive recognition - for their excessive approach to that.,

Notwithstanding that they were fine musicians, the band got themselves seriously boxed in as more of interpreters as opposed to innovators. "Trinity" is that rare album that manages to redress that situation. Typically of the band, this is not an overly complex piece either, but allows for a bit more stretching out. There is even an excellent bass solo followed by a drum solo.

Altogether it achieves a fine balance and remains my most preferred release from this band. Highly recommended.