Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Detective - 1977 - It Takes One To Know One

It Takes One To Know One

01. Help Me Up 4:20
02. Competition 4:42
03. Are You Talkin' to Me? 4:37
04. Dynamite 5:29
05. Something Beautiful 4:24
06. Warm Love 5:27
07. Betcha Won't Dance 4:27
08. Fever 4:44
09. Tear Jerker 4:31

The second and final album by this great band. They out Zeppelined, Zeppelin. With original Steppenwolf guitarist Michael Monarch and original Yes keyboardist Tony Kaye they were bound for super stardom. But they couldn't get along. Most groups wait until they make the big time before that starts. One of 1977's 10 best rock albums and it's dedicated to Elvis. I saw them open for Kiss in December of that year at Madison Square Garden and made Kiss look like a Jr. highschool band.

Detective guitarist Michael Monarch told me that Atlantic Records picked them up after this album and sent Detective in the studio with veteran producer Tom Dowd for their third album that was never completed.  Atlantic Records realized the potential of Detective, but they wanted a hit single. Tom Dowd had brought along a song by a new singer / songwriter named John Cougar. The song was "I Need A Lover That Won't Drive Me Crazy". Monarch said, the band didn't really want to record Cougar's song, but they did at Dowd's urging, along with some other songs they had. Sadly, that 3rd, Tom Dowd produced Detective album was never finished and the band broke up.

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