Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Detective - 1977 - Detective


01. Recognition 4:32
02. Got Enough Love 3:38
03. Grim Reaper 4:24
04. Nightingale 4:55
05. Detective Man 3:29
06. Ain't None of Your Business 4:32
07. Deep Down 3:07
08. Wild Hot Summer Nights 4:18
09. One More Heartache 5:24

Michael Des Barres (lead vocals)
Michael Monarch (guitar)
Bobby Pickett (bass, backing vocals)
Tony Kaye (keyboards)
Jon Hyde (drums, percussion, backing vocals)

Detective's 1977 self titled debut is one of the greatest and most crunching Hard Rock albums of the 1970's. It is also one of the greatest unstoppable-avalanche heavy Drumming albums of all time, and the reason why is pretty clear. In the mid 1970's at the very height of their success, Led Zeppelin formed their own record label, Swan Song records. The first band signed to Swan Song was Bad Company, Detective came shortly thereafter. Jimmy Page himself oversaw the musical direction of Detective, and made sure Detective's powerful Drummer John Hyde sounded as much like John Bonham as possible..and he does. Some of the Drum tracks on Detective could crush Mt Rainier to powder. This album overall is a hideously powerful and polished Hard Rock gem, and the songs are just immense, culminating in the towering olympian heights of One More Heartache. if you're a fan of Zeppelin, powerful Drumming, of 1970's Hard Rock you're gonna love Detective.