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Daevid Allen's University of Errors - 2003 - Ugly Music 4 Monica

Daevid Allen's University of Errors 
Ugly Music 4 Monica

01. Skulls Of Our Enemies (5:26)
02. Wage Slave (2:08)
03. Mystico Fanatico (4:18)
04. Rich Men Eat My Voice (3:23)
05. So What? (7:42)
06. PHP 2032 (2:53)
07. Earthbound (5:41)
08. Moo? (2:23)
09. If You Die (7:28)
10. Clarence In Wonderland (4:28)
11. Patapan (2:30)

- Daevid Allen / guitar, vocals
- Michael Clare / bass
- Jason Mills / drums, percussion, piano
- Josh Pollock / bass, guitar, percussion, piano, megaphone

guest musicians:
- Nicoletta Stephanz / trumpet, theremin
- Tony Maimone / keyboards

The third album by University Of Errors from 2003 is a great mix of hard-edged guitar rock and crazy Gong experimentalism that works superbly. It deserves a far broader audience than Daevid Allen and Gong fans, in fact I suspect many might not find it their (joke for Gong fans) cup of tea? Teenage fans of grungey American indie guitar bands would surely love a lot of this, there's more than a hint of Red Hot Chilli Peppers here and there.

The opening instrumental rocks out around a Josh Pollock angular heavy riff and distorted feedback. Pollock's excellent guitar experiments and production feature strongly throughout the album, supported by the rock solid drums and bass guitar of Jason Mills and Michael Clare respectively. But as it says on the Planet Gong website, this album is not just a wall of urban metal-voodoo-feedback speed guitar...

There is a rocking version of "Pot-Head Pixies" and some of the other Allen songs and lyrics such as "Wage Slave" and "Mystico Fanatico" are up there with his best. Daevid is on good whimsical form for "Moo?" which discusses the pros and cons of putting soya milk or cow's milk in your tea. "Soya beans go 'weee' and cows go 'wow whoopee!'". The tone changes completely for "If You Die", a dark and moody track that ends with some great feedback effects. A nice version of an old Kevin Ayers popsong moves into yet more different musical territory and the album finishes with a crazy upbeat punk jig!

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