Monday, March 16, 2015

Daevid Allen - 2012 - Live at The Roundhouse 1971

Daevid Allen 
Live at The Roundhouse 1971

01. Introduction
02. What Do You Really Want?
03. Prostitute Poem : Rational Anthem
04. Poet For Sale
05. Love Is A Careless Sea
06. I Am Your Animal
07. Capt. Shaw & Mr Gilbert
08. I Am Your Fantasy
09. Fred The Fish
10. Death Of Rock

Daevid Allen {guitar, spoken word, tape loops}
Gilli Smyth {spoken word and vocal improv (spacewhisper)}
Robert Wyatt {drums}
Hugh Hopper {bass}
Elton Dean {sax}

The violinist is not named on the cover ["Mystery violinist"] but it is well documented that it was Gerry Fields.

10 Feb. '71


It was now three years since my deportation from the mum country so I was now able to legally re-enter England for the first time since 1967,


As part of this mode of return, Gilli and I accepted a spot at the Roundhouse as part of the giant Soft Machine family gig. We performed our previously successed pop poetry set with baking tapes and finally added Robert Wyatt and Hugh Hopper on drums and bass and Elton Dean on sax plus mistery violinist. It was walking the poetry and improv tightrope. It was fun to do.
But we again witnessed the passionate conflict of emotion that signifies any radical challenge to the predictable. Some think it's a fresh adventure, some simply think it's just a load of bollocks. Throughout the Death of Pop, half the audience hissed and booed. The other half cheered wildly. They argued. They abused each other. And this was England?

Intriguing, historic, reasonable middle-fi (audience?) recording of daevid and Gilli's return to performance in the UK 4 years after daevid was refused entry to the country in 1967. An event which led to him leaving Soft Machine. In the circular nature of things their return was at London's legendary Roundhouse supporting (and being partly supported by) Soft Machine. It was a bit of a proto-Uncon really.

daevid and Gilli dip into their spoken word/soundscape recent (back then) 'back catalogue', but at the same time also point to the horizon where the light of the rising Planet Gong is starting to lighten the sky by giving a UK premier to several works destined to become much more well known.

Later in '71 daevid and Gilli would return with Gong, firstly in the Summer for Glastonbury Fayre, a little Festival in Somerset which I think is still going, and then in the Autumn for the first UK Gong tour, but here on this echoey, but highly atmospheric recording a Gong vibe reverberates in Albion's consciousness for the first time.



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