Monday, March 16, 2015

Daevid Allen - 2006 - Solo @ the Axiom, Cheltenham 1998

Daevid Allen 
Bananamoon Obscura No. 15 
Solo @ the Axiom, Cheltenham 1998

01. Rich Man Eat My Voice 1:10
02. High Points of Our Lives 2:43
03. O My Poor Brothers 6:09
04. Unriddle Me Gliss Then 12:04
05. Shadowself 4:17
06. Age Cage 2:08
07. My Penis Is Not Ageing 4:30
08. Relationsship of Fooles 5:59
09. Turn of the Road 4:03
10. Shaun's Birthday Cheer 0:29
11. Magick of the Circle 5:45
12. Magick Brother 6:21
13. Hours Gone 16:20


Daevid Allen {Acoustic, electric and gliss guitar, voice}

 A musical master Shaman at play.

Gigs at this very friendly venue have alway seem to have a touch of magic about them, and if memory serves me, this was one of the best. If it is the gig I think it is, then there weren't probably more than about 70 people there. But I remember being absolutely blow away by the musical power, presence and stage craft Daevid displayed to these lucky few that night, and thinking gigs don't get much better than this.


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