Monday, March 16, 2015

Daevid Allen - 2006 - The Mystery Disque

Daevid Allen
Bananamoon Obscura No. 7 
The Mystery Disque

01. 21c Progrok 5:08
02. Clown Is Petrol 3:34
03. Master Freek 6:35
04. Barnicool Bill 3:29
05. Not Smiling... 5:55
06. Artscrew 7:17
07. Stuckinmybrain 9:02
08. I Planet 5:13
09. No Udder... 3:36

Daevid Allen
Nina Pixie {aka ninaH pixie}
Werner Slack {Negitivland}
Rob Workman {aka rob worDman}
Phil Knight {Legendary Pink Dots}
Alan Harrick {aka alan hErrick
Michael Clare {University of Errors}
Russ Kant {aka russ kEnt}
Malissa Margolis {aka mElissa margolis}
Mark Robson {Kangaroo Moon}
Michael Gandeau {aka michael gEndeau - Crawling with Tarts}
dAB {aka daS}

"A series of gleefully pataphysical encounters with a mysterious creator of BIG CITY ORCHESTRA in SF Oakland, Cal. I mean just sip the first track" - from Daevid's notes on the back cover. Also titled; ub/zero - it both covers work that daevid has done with bigcityorchestra over the past 20 years, and NEW noisey tracks !!



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