Monday, March 16, 2015

Daevid Allen - 2005 - I Am Your Egg

Daevid Allen
I Am Your Egg

01. End St. Station
02. Sacrifice
03. Melting Love
04. Slinky Ones
05. River Song
06. Ship of Fools
07. Midnight Sun
08. Undeniably
09. Time Dilation
10. Hungry Lion
11. Mechanical Schoolmistress
12. Palestine
13. Memory

Daevid Allen
Gilli Smyth
Orlando Allen
Josh Pollock
Kawabata Makoto
Steve Holt
Ren Waterfall
Gerard Lyndon
Efendi Jaenudin Pepen
Harry Williamson
Clara Quennefranc
Thierry Fosman
Scott Tinkler
Ayrun Carkeet
Sam McClain
Greg McClain
Simon Crosbie

More or less, pretty much your typical Gong effort - by that (of course) I mean it to be a good thing. I've had a few patrons ask me about this CD import - since it obviously isn't a 'main' release. Tunes that I dug the most were "End St. Station" (featuring some of Gilli Smyth's outstanding space whispers), the poetic gem {sort to speak} "Melting Love", the laid back seven-minute open-jam "River Song", the tripping "Midnight Sun" and the airy modern-day Gong classic "Memory". On the back cover, there are like twenty musicians listed, here are some of the familiar names (to me): Daevid & Orlando Allen, Gilli Smyth, Josh Pollock, Harry Williamson, Steve Holt and Kawabata Makoto - you get the point. Recommended.



  2. Hoi Drago.
    Ik heb aardig wat van Daevid Allen en diverse Gong-incarnaties, natuurlijk. Zijn Deya werk, allerlei samenwerkingen en diverse Gastapes ken ik dan ook vrij goed, maar deze is nieuw voor me. Dank!