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Daevid Allen - 2004 - Studio Rehearsal Tapes 1977

Daevid Allen 
Bananamoon Obscura No. 1
Studio Rehearsal Tapes 1977

01. Mystic Sister 3:03
02. Magick Brother 7:22
03. Sittin' in a Teashop 4:29
04. Have You Seen My Friend 4:09
05. I Am the Rapist 2:25
06. Brothasista Invocation 2:30
07. Wee Bit More 6:00
08. Prostitute Poem 4:19
09. 5 & 20 3:58
10. Time of the Bananamoon 4:38
11. Deya Goddess 8:26

Daevid Allen: Vocals & glissando guitar
Gilli Smyth: Spacewhisper
Pepe Milan: Vocals & accoustic guitars
Juan Bibiloni: Vocals & accoustic guitars
Cloudhairy Pepe Riba: Violin, souzaphone & contrabass

 A rehearsal for the 1977 Gong reunion gig at Hippodrome in Paris, recorded at Daevid's 'Bananamoon Observatory' studio in Deya, Majorca. This is an indespensible release - a quite wonderful late-Deya period recording.

The majority of this tape was previously released as the GAS tape 'Deya Daze', although the sound quality is much better. Some of the tracks are longer, notably 'Magick Brother' where only the first couple of minutes were used on the 'Deya Daze' tape.

A lovely studio set by Daevid, his wife Gili and other players at bananamoon observatory studio in Deya,Mallorca

Many of the songs are taken from Now is the happiest time of your life album, performed magicaly.

A highly productive and spiritual period in Daevid's carear, this is a great release.

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