Monday, March 16, 2015

Daevid Allen - 2004 - Self Initiaton

Daevid Allen
Bananamoon Obscura No. 3 
Self Initiaton

01. Hello Me 16:09
02. Hello You 14:48
03. Past Lives 16:09
04. Mystery School 5:49

Daevid Allen: Gliss guitar and voice
Gilli Smyth and Joe: Voices bespoken
Nimben silly symphony: Choir
Hakim Guilliam: Synthesizers
Harry Williamson: Sounds

Composed by Daevid Allen
Mastering by Dallas Simpson & Serendipity

 Meditation and healing music invoked in the mountains behind Mullumbimby in upstate NSW, Australia. Later used in Self Initiation workshops held mostly in and around Glastonbury UK.

Basically a wonderful Glissando guitar feast, though occasionally the recording is a bit hissy.

I regard this album with great respect as one of the best space rock album ever to be created, and Daevid Allen and his brilliant mind are responsible for many wonderful albums, which connect between time and space like few other musical artists ever did.

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