Sunday, March 15, 2015

Daevid Allen - 1992 - Who`s Afraid

Daevid Allen 
Who`s Afraid

01. Thinking Thoughts
02. Love
03. Who's Afraid?
04. Shadow
05. Bopera III
06. Pretty Teacher
07. Call It Accident
08. Song For Robert
09. C'Est La Maison
10. More And More
11. Quit Yr Bullshit

Daevid Allen: vocals, guitar, acoustic guitar
Kramer: vocals, guitar, bass guitar, keyboards, flute, producer, engineering
David Licht: drums, percussion

I love Daevid Allen, but I find some of his solo output a little too acoustic, too self-indulgent, or too childish. However, this is a terrific CD, and although produced on a limited budget, it effectively provides some more psychedelic backdrops for his songs that make them more appealing to me. Kramer's style is not Gong, of course, but Bongwateresque, and it works. A fun record to listen to, that sounds like it was great fun to make as well. If you are a Daevid Allen fan, this is a definite keeper.

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