Sunday, March 15, 2015

Daevid Allen - 1982 - The Death of Rock

Daevid Allen 
The Death of Rock

01. Death of Rock (4:47)
02. Poet for Sale (live) (5:15)
03. Tallys Birthday Song (3:45)
04. You Never Existed at All (4:11)
05. Afraid (2:01)

CD Extra Tracks:
06. Radio Gnome Concert Intro Loop (3:56)
07. The Switch Doctor (28:38)
08. Gong ORFT Invasion 1971 (8:59)

- Daevid Allen / guitar, vocals
- Elizabeth Middleton / voice, piano (tracks 3 and 5)
- William S. Burroughs / voice (track 4)
- Mark Kramer / piano (tracks 1 and 2)

Originally issued in 1982 as a 12" EP, this vastly expanded CD version compiles a large passel of Gong mastermind Allen's highly eccentric electronic and vocal experiments, plus some stray odds and sods. Yes, some of this makes a beeline right for the land of the indulgent, but there's much that's tremendous here as well, including the unsettling "You Never Existed At All", which situates an Alan Spelt Eraserhead atmosphere against a tweakily effected vocal for maximum Rubber Johnny alienation effect and, most notably, the nearly half hour long "The Switch Doctor", a "Registered Nurse"-like sprawl of surrealist audio art pastiche thats a must hear for anyone into the Gong myth.

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