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Color Humano - 1973 - Color Humano Volumen 2 y Volumen 3

Color Humano
Color Humano Volumen 2 y Volumen 3

Vol. 2
01. Sangre del sol
02. La tierra del gitano
03. Pascual tal cual
04. Humanoides
05. Va a salir un lugar
06. Un blues para Adelina

Vol. 3
01. Hombre de las cumbres
02. Mañana por la noche
03. A traves de los inviernos
04. Hace casi 2000 años
05. Cosas rusticas
06. Las historias que tengo
07. Vestidos de agua

Edelmiro Molinari (guitar, vocals)
Rinaldo Raffanelli (bass, vocals)
Oscar Moro (drums)

At the end of 1972, Color Humano played at the Buenos Aires Rock Festival (B.A. Rock). They were filmed performing two songs for the movie Rock hasta que se ponga el sol: "Larga vida al sol" and "Coto de caza" (a studio version of this song was included on the third album as "Cosas rústicas"). The movie's excellent performance can be heard on the official soundtrack LP (Talent I-382).

Between March and June 1973, Color Humano recorded enough songs for a double album. Due to business decisions the album was released as two separate LPs on the newly created Talent label (owned by Mandioca founder Jorge Álvarez). The cover of the first volume featured a drawing of the members of the group facing forward, while the second volume –that included a photo poster– showed a drawing of their backs. None of the albums had a title.

The new songs were richer and more elaborate, spanning different rhythms and styles.

The second LP (that is, the first record of the never released 2-LP set) is great. "Sangre del sol" (featuring female jazz singer Egle Martin on percussion) has an uptempo Latin rhythm. "La tierra del gitano" is a changing slow song. "Humanoides" (featuring Rinaldo on organ and Edelmiro on piano) is a potent effort. "Un blues para Adelina" is –no wonder– a blues. "Va a salir un lugar" is a long song that includes instrumental developments by all three members of the band.

The third LP (that is, the second record of the never released 2-LP set) is my favourite. "Hombre de las cumbres" is energetic and complex. "Mañana por la noche" is a simple blues-rock joyful ditty. "A través de los inviernos" is a hard answer to Gabriela's "Haz tu mente al invierno del sur". "Hace casi 2000 años" begins softly with an angelic vocal interlude by Alicia Varady to end with the power trio at their best. "Cosas rústicas" (a.k.a. "Coto de caza") reminisces Hendrix's "Little Wing". "Las historias que tengo" is a long guitar piece. "Vestidos de agua" is a beautiful melody (featuring Jorge Cutello on flute) that leaves us repeating the last verse "cada vez que te miro/ aumenta mi ilusión"("each time I look at you/ my illusion grows").

Unfortunately, Color Humano split soon afterwards. Edelmiro and his wife Gabriela moved to Los Angeles, USA. Rinaldo Rafanelli went to play with Sui Generis and Polifemo, among others. Moro later joined La Máquina de Hacer Pájaros and played in many other outfits.

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