Monday, March 30, 2015

Brainticket - 1980 - Adventure


01. Adventure Part One (19:20)
02. Adventure Part Two (18:12)

CD bonus tracks:
03. Machinery [Analog 1970] (10:19)
04. 3 Worlds (11:53)
05. Robitika (3:10)

- Hans Deyssenrath / keyboards, synths, computer
- Barney Palm / drums, percussion, strange sounds
- Wilhelm Seefeldt / synths, computer
- Joel Vandroogenbroeck / keyboards, flute, guitar, vocals

"Adventure" is a heavy cosmic voyage into the epicenter of your mind. As most of you know by now BRAINTICKET were and are still one of my personal fav's from the Krautrock - Space genre and for good reason. BRAINTICKET's music sustains real "head-music" aspects without any repetitive electronica to guide us..instead flutes, clavinets and synths combine to create huge sonic landscapes for your mind to wonder. On "Adventure" the psychedelia found on their earlier recordings is replaced with heavy electronic and synthesizer shrines and monuments. One of the most attractive aspects to this music is actually in the lovely percussion and deep analog synths used throughout. As always BRAINTICKET use a large number of different electronic sounds for texture creation and sound effects.designed to totally freak you out. Originally this album contained two side long songs and the fine folk at Cleopatra have kindly added 3 lovely bonus tracks to. An enormous album which needs to adorn all good electronic music collections.

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