Sunday, March 29, 2015

Brainstorm - 2001 - Last Smile

Last Smile (Live 1974)

01. Marilyn Monroe
02. Das Schwein Truegt
03. Signed
04. There Was A Time
05. Stars On The Stage

- Roland Schaeffer / Saxophone, Guitar, Clarinet
- Eddy von Overheidt / Tasten
- Rainer Bodensohn / Flute
- Enno Dernov / Bass
- Horst Mittmann / Drums

Last Smile catches Brainstorm live in mid-1974, shortly before the group broke up. Since this was recorded for West German radio, the sound quality is excellent.

Though the version of Das Scwein Trugt, a track from their first album, is not quite as explosive as the studio version, the tracks from the Second Smile album, Marilyn Monroe and There Was a Time, are drastically reworked. Marilyn Monroe has been trimmed of some of its more radical sections, while the Leon Thomas piece There Was a Time has been stretched out into a wild 12-and-a-half-minute opus of throbbing jazz-funk with bits of dissonant free jazz thrown in, and as good as the version on Second Smile was, this one has more power. The pair of new songs that round out the disc, Signed and Stars on the Stage, are quite good too, maybe not as weird or as varied as the eccentric material on the first record, with abrupt changes like the songs on the second. Both tracks contain long instrumental passages with plenty of blistering solos for flute, sax, clarinet, and guitar over the loose but lively rhythms, as well as quirky vocals.



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