Sunday, March 29, 2015

Brainstorm - 1973 - 2nd Smile

2nd Smile

01. Hirnwind (5:43)
02. Herbst (3:40)
03. My Way (8:12)
04. Affenzahn (4:47)
05. There Was A Time (7:09)
06. Marilyn Monroe (8:32)
07. You’re The One (Bonus) (2:50)

- Rainer Bodensohn / flutes, bass
- Eddy Von Overheidt / organ, e-piano, clavinette, lead vocals
- Enno Dernov / Fenderbass, guitar
- Roland Schaeffer / soprano and tenor sax, clarinet, acoustic and electric guitars, vocals, double-bass
- Jo Koinzer / drums, Transylvanian fold-up-conga

This second album holds many different styles mostly reminding you of Lizard-era Crimson for the opening track. The second track they even play in a folky style with acoustic guitar and flute, but the percussion gives the whole track a latin feel. In the third track you could swear Wyatt is on vocals and Ratledge on keyboards but halfway thru you jumped into a different planet. “There Was A Time” is probably were Brainstorm develops their personality best.

The album’s last track “Marilyn Monroe”, with all of its shift gears, becoming a funky, gospel like piece that shifts gears again to become a spoken word, bluesy, psychedelic piece. On one hand, here is where they tell listener why they’re called Brainstorm and how they see themselves in relation to the listener. On the other, it is a short fantasy of getting their “kicks on Route 66? and meeting “Marilyn Monroe” (all in the space of a few lines).

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