Thursday, March 26, 2015

Bo Hansson - 1975 - Attic Thoughts

Bo Hansson
Attic Thoughts

01. Attic Thoughts (5:30):
  a) March
  b) Repose
  c) Wandering
02. Time and space (1:37)
03. Waiting... (7:34)
04. Waltz for interbeings (3:21)
05. Time for great achievements (3:11)
06. The hybrills (1:28)
07. Rabbit music (6:23):
  a) General Woundwort
  b) Fiver
08. Day and night (4:30)
09. A happy prank (3:15)

- Bo Hansson / organ, guitars, bass, piano, synthesizers, Mellotron, special f/x

Guest musicians:
- Gunnar Bergsten / saxophone
- Rune Carlsson / drums
- Mats Glenngård / violin
- Kenny Håkansson / electric guitar
- Göran Lagerberg / bass, acoustic guitar
- Thomas Netzler / bass
- Rolf Scherrer / acoustic guitar
- Finn Sjöberg / electric guitar

With Attic Thoughts, Bo Hansson enters a new phase in his remarkable and unluckyly short solo career. The sound becomes more mature builded up by the usual warm, soft, eclectic and varied musical structure with the important change into a true symphonic pleasure. The result is something absolutely new to my ears, a completely original work and it's hard to imagine why this artist still doesn't have the attention he deserves.

Attic Thoughts, as the following Music Inspired by Watership Down does, demonstrates the highest level of quality and complexity reached by this important swedish multi- instrumentalist in the half of the seventies. It can be easily recognized as a whole genre itself for the peculiarity of the deep horizons, the warm passages, the slow and mid tempo and the sudden gentle variations (with even jazzy and waltzer incursions), the synth's solo alternating with sporadic but wonderful guitar solos of Kenny Hakansson, the piano interludes and the mellotron's escaping. All drenched with a convincing rythm's section and a nordic delicate taste.

It's unuseful to review it song by song. The best thing, I think, it's to strongly recommend this album (and the following Watership Down) but pay attention, please! This is only for who loves intimate, warm, wonderfully chiselled and polished symphonic experiences. If so, then Attic Thoughts has to be yours!

Near to the masterpiece status for sure. A work highly inventive, artisanship of highest standard of quality.


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