Thursday, March 26, 2015

Bo Hansson - 1972 - Lord Of The Rings

Bo Hansson
Lord Of The Rings

01. Leaving shire (2:47)
02. The old forest / Tom Bombadil (3:42)
03. Fog on the barrow - Downs (2:28)
04. The black riders / Flight to the Ford (3:48)
05. At the house of Elrond / The ring goes South (4:23)
06. A journey in the dark (1:07)
07. Lothlórien (3:22)
08. Shadowfax (0:50)
09. The horns of Rohan / The battle of the Pelenmor fields (3:58)
10. Dreams in the houses of healing (1:50)
11. Homeward bound / The scouring of the shire (2:11)
12. The grey havens (4:56)

- Bo Hansson / organ, guitar, Moog synthesizer, bass

Guest musicians:
- Sten Bergman / flute
- Gunnar Bergsten / saxophone
- Rune Carlsson / drums, congas

No amount of Lord Of The Rings soundtracks or versions will depict the very nature of Middle earth more accurately than Bo Hansson's version. This album oozes themes around Elves, Hobbits, Black Riders, The Grey Havens, Lothlorien and so on. The simplistic organ and guitar sounds together with basic percussion make this concept album an aural delight. Looking back I can see why the Charisma label snapped this Swedish artist up. He is no doubt the most underrated artist of the progressive rock genre.If one had never read the book, Hansson would have reached some place inside you with the feel of this album. As a whole the complete work is essential listening but to highlight certain tracks listen to ' Flight To The Ford', ' The Ring Goes South' and ' The Old Forest' How could Hansson depict a world so completely and so accurately? Listen and you will begin to understand the genius at work.