Monday, March 30, 2015

Arktis - 1975 - Tapes


01. New Rock (5:56)
02. Boogie (3:01)
03. Small Talk (4:44)
04. High Fly (5:57)
05. Walkin' With My Baby (2:57)
06. Pique-Nique (6:07)
07. Dan 1 (3:22)
08. Deep In (7:39)
09. Rock'n'Roll (3:30)
Bonus tracks:
10. Evolution (16:17)
11. Speeding Up (13:17)

- Karin Töppig / voice
- Klaus Blachut / guitar
- Klaus Göllner / bass
- Harry Kottek / drums

This is the second straight self-released album by the German band ARKTIS who were trying to get the attention of a label to sign them.There would be one more self-released album after this then they gave up as no label seem interested. Because they didn't get a contract based on their debut album released a year earlier in 1974 they changed their style on this one.They would do the same for the third album as well. Lot's of instrumentals on this one and Karin has changed her vocal style unfortunately.That heavy Psyche stlye is replaced by Boogie, Beat and other styles.There's more variety here which isn't a positive in my opinion. No side long suite either unless you included the bonus tracks which I don't.

"New Rock" is a top three and it reminds me of the debut with that dark intro as the female vocals then guitar join in. I really like the guitar that comes and goes over top. "Boogie" is a catchy instrumental. It's okay.

"Small Talk" is better with the strummed guitar, bass and a beat.The electric guitar comes in before a minute. Nice.The vocals on this one trade off with the electric guitar the rest of the way. A top three. "High Fly" is my final top three as we get some heaviness with the guitar playing over top.The tempo picks up before 3 1/2 minutes.

"Walkin' With My Baby" is the start of five straight instrumentals.This one is fairly simple with guitar and a beat. "Pique-Nique" is also a laid back instrumental. "Dan 1" is strummed guitar with a beat throughout.

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