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Arco Iris - 1973 - Inti Raymi

Arco Iris 
Inti Raymi

01. Elevando una plegaria al sol
02. En nuestra frente
03. Maritimaria
04. La Pastora de los peces
05. Abran los ojos
06. Adonde iras, camalotal
07. Solo como el cardo
08. No quiero mirar atras
09. Elevando una plegaria al sol (Inti Raymi)

Ara Tokatlian / Sax, organ, voice
Gustavo Santaolalla / Acoustic & electric guitar, charrango, voice
Guillermo Bodarampe / bass, voice
Horacio Gianello / drum, percussion, voice
Dana / spiritual guide

In 1973, continuing with the idea that was shaped in "South America or...", they published "Inti Raymi", a new Lp of the band was released and was presented officially the 5 of November in the Theater once more. The record was good altogether though not as good as its predecessor. Both Sudamérica and Inti Raymi feature great cover artwork, based on pre-Columbus motives. The original edition of Sudamérica was released in a box -it was later reissued with a foldout cover- and included a poster. At this point, Arco Iris was also known for their highly controversial live appearances.

 Conceived as a concept album around the legendary Inca adoration ritual to the sun, "Inti Raymi" remains partly influenced by traditional Andean music. The opening them guides the listener into a deep spiritual acoustic exhibition, mainly made of repetitive acoustic guitar parts, charrango and discreet atmospheric vocals. "En nuestra frente" is a brilliant jazzy rock illustration including great sax sections and ethnic percussions. The main singing part is written as if it was a folk ballad. The end features a nice guitar solo break. We can notice that the album alternates with a certain facility some folk "bucolic" ballads and captivating jazz rock attacks. "Maritimaria" is a dancing, rhythmical ballad, combining accessible vocal lines, a mainstream jazz rock structure turned into a "warm" Latin flavour. "La pastoral de los peces" is an acoustic, pastoral melancholic ballad with female's voices, chorus and guided by folkish flute lines, acoustic guitar and organ. A pleasant introspect musical interlude. My favourite on this one with the opening track. "Abran los ojos" is an enthusiastic Latin rock 'n roll excursion with effective, academic but pleasant sequences (notably the catchy guitar solo sustained by the Hammond organ). "Adonde iras, camalotal" is a disappointed composition, so soft and so banal at the same time. Musically its mainstream jazz meets easy acoustic folk ingredients. "Solo como el cardon" is a heart breaking ballad only composed for voices and guitar, beautiful. "No quiero mirar atras" is a dynamic jazz rock composition. The most progressive dimension of the album. The track contains some delicate floating passages. The sax solo part is totally freak out. As in a procession the last tune takes back the main theme, closing this musical and spiritual travel. A significant progressive jazz rock item, integrating "world music" elements. Nevertheless regarding the impressive discography of the band, the insistent accessible, academic part of "Inti Raymi" doesn't put it at the top of Arco Iris Career.

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