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Arco Iris - 1972 - Sudamerica o el Regreso a la Aurora

Arco Iris 
Sudamerica o el Regreso a la Aurora

Acto primero
01. Obertura (12:52)
02. La canción de Nahuel (5:53)
03. Canto del pájaro dorado (3:30)
04. Viaje astral (2:25)
05. Tema del Maestro (2:52)
06. Iluminación (1:59)
07. Gira (3:29)
08. Sígueme (1:48)
09. El negro (1:54)
10. Los campesinos y el viajero (2:18)
11. El estudioso (2:28)
12. Oración de la partida (2:53)
13. Epílogo: Salvense ya (3:02)

Acto segundo
14. Recuerdo (3:43)
15. Canción de los peregrinos (2:34)
16. Amancay (2:09)
17. Hombre (17:10)
18. Deserción del viajero (3:00)
19. La duda de los campesinos (3:14)
20. El aliento de Dios (2:17)
21. El viajero delata a los peregrinos (6:52)
22. Persecución de los peregrinos (2:43)
23. Viaje por las galerías subterraneas (1:29)
24. Salida al inmenso lago - Iluminación (2:35)
25. Reencuentro con Amancay - Oremos (0:23)
26. Las colinas y el Maestro / Epílogo: Sudamérica (3:28)

Music and lyrics by Gustavo Santaolalla

Line-up / Musicians
- Gustavo Santaolalla / guitars, charango, percussion, vocals
- Guillermo Bodarampe / bass, contrabass, percussion
- Ara Tokatlian / flutes, saxophones, keyboards, percussion,
- Horacio Gianello / drums, percussion

Guest musicians
- ''Danais'' / the voice of Amancay
- Jose Ferrari / the voice of Maestro

Some time after the release of Tiempo De Resurreccion, Arco Iris presents its conceptual work, "Sudamerica o el regreso a la aurora" or "South America or the Return of Dawn", presented on the Stage of River Plate during the month of October and in the theater 'Operates'. The album was published by the end of 1972 as a double LP.  In that opera they had made and printed a poster that they doubled in four (they were 5000) and did put it within each disc. The unusual programs that were triangular (our symbol). The asceticism had much to do, and gave them a kind of extra energy. Talking about that energy  : " In us there was a fantasy of the message, that thing of superman. It was not an invention but a truth into a kind of maximum sacrifice to become so... Music was my only goal, and I offered it everything in my life, until for example the relation with a woman. It gave everything by music... But we all had an impressive energy. It was the channel: music arrived. But I realize of which it was an ill thing. I did not have opportunity to chat. It was its own state of being. The outside of it was negative. There was some differentiates between the external world and the internal one. I always stayed to the margin, that means: through this group they pass the guidelines. Although we read Marx, Freud, and in the group that was not allowed, some of the sacred books (that Dana read). In addition there was no time to read, because there was always the necessary to drive all the day: to work, to do this, the other, to try (we did it every day) I arrived at Cuzco with Dana, touched stones and we cried. It cried like desperate. It was a weeping that came to me from inside " They performed in the Buenos Aires Festival Rock and the way they performed gave them an esoteric and magical touch him to be remembered in such a legendary way like Monterrey Pop and Woodstock. But the group and their opera never was understood completely. The group was regarded the first Argentine band that lived in community. They even wore communitarian clothes on stage. And they seemed to be busy with praying and until at least 8 at night. "Sudamérica", probably the highest point of Arco Iris' career, was an ambitious work both in musical and ideological aspects. It tells the deep political standpoint story of a heterogeneous group of pilgrims at the verge of the resurgence of an Old Latin-American Empire in a New Era. Musically, it achieves an excellent mixture between different Latin-American folkloric rhythms along with rock, blues and jazz using a wide range of native instruments. A truly masterpiece in it's own style. Although it is a whole work,we can single-out tracks like the bluesy "La canción de Nahuel", the beautiful "Gira", the continuity of "Sígueme", "El negro" and the rhythmically rich "Los campesinos y el viajero", the brave "Sálvense ya", the lengthy "Hombre" (featuring a great fuzz guitar solo), "Persecución de los peregrinos" (with killer guitar), and the superb carnavalito finale "Sudamérica" (also released as a single). (Carnavalito is an uptempo dance style from the Altiplano -at the Northwest of Argentina and South of Bolivia and Peru). Sudamérica o el Regreso a la Aurora is, in short, a highly recommended album for those willing for new -and I mean NEW- sounds. An instrumental percussion fragment of "Hombre" is played live on the movie Rock hasta que se ponga el Sol (filmed at the BARock Festival), thought it is not included on the Soundtrack LP.

This record is a milestone in South American progressive rock. Being probable among the finest and most complete concept albums ever made. Sudamerica tells the story of six men going on a mystical trip around the subcontinent. They will eventually reach the hills and find the way to salvation. But the music here it's the most important aspect of the record. Mixing psychedelia , jazz , rock and Argentinean folk music this is a record that becomes a must if you are into progressive rock!
There are 26 songs in total and doing a song by song review will be pointless with this album but the highlights of the record are the longest tracks Obertura (13 min) and Hombre (17 min) those tracks are surrounded by loads of little tunes ranging from one minute to five minutes in length that are wonderfully produced and arranged

The musicianship and versatility shown by the members of the band here is amazing and the vocal harmonies are lovely. This is a record that must be heard at least once to have a taste of the finest South American prog- I consider this record to be a MASTERPIECE from the beginning to the end.

An extremely rare English version of this album was also released, thou I have not been able to find out exactly when or if it was released also outside of Argentina.



  2. You need to listen "La Voragine" by Los Jaivas from Chile (5 Cds)

  3. I have most of their albums including the 5 cd box... I was planing to rip it and post it one of these days... Saw them live a couple of times in the 80's... never disappointing.

  4. and add some Congregacion and Escombros for good measure... and Blops just coz Gatti reminds me of my first girlfriend.

  5. "Locomotora" from Los Blops it is a great album, you know everything. I saw Los Jaivas in their last concert with the original members, the drumer died in a car accident a couple of days after. They made a great soundtrack for Palomita Blanca, the movie includes footage of the legendary Piedra Roja rock concert, the Chilean Woodstock.

    Do you have something from Alas with Pedro Aznar?


  6. I have some Jaivas rarities that I will also make part of the downloads, recordings made for Radio France, and my favorite Jaivas piece of music, Letanias recorded live in 1980 for dutch radio with a local symphony orchestra... Alas I have both albums, the second one recorded in 77 but released in 83 is with Pedro Aznar, I have the CD versions that comes with a couple of live tracks as bonus...

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