Sunday, March 1, 2015

Arco Iris - 1970 - Blues De Dana

Arco Iris 
Blues De Dana

01. Blues de Dana
02. La lluvia
03. Volar
04. Para vos
05. Una tarde más
06. Es nuestra libertad
07. Canción para una mujer
08. Lo veo en tus ojos
09. Sólo tengo amor
10. Y ahora soy
11. Quien es la chica
12. Luisito cortate el pelo
13. Abre tu mente

Gustavo Santaolalla - Guitar and vocals
Guillermo Bodarampe - Bass
Ara Tokatlian - Flutes
Horacio Gianello - Drums and percussion

RCA also issued an LP of singles and LP tracks called "Blues de Dana" (Groove 80020).

Dana : "Several band members enamoured with me, and wrote very beautiful love songs to me. Gustavo Santaolalla very was in love with me. The famous "Blues of Dana" was composed with that feeling."
The title track and a few others are "blues" inspired, or "bluesrock", like "Para Vos". Others are more "folk" styled. Some of the tracks are more mainstream in style progression compared to the other albums.



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