Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Andreas Aarflot - 1978 - Det Rivna Pianot

Andreas Aarflot
Det Rivna Pianot

01. Sista Båt Från Shanghai   
02. Svedolfs Telefonkiosk   
03. Vägar   
04. Surayya   
05. Det Röda Gräset   
06. Sångaren   
07. Monopolouverturen   
08. Morgongåva   
09. Skopor & Dynamit   
10. Det Rivna Pianot

Britt Nilsson: Vocals
Stefan Bjorklund: Guitar
Christer Odberg: Trumpet
Rolf Hedberg: Flute, Saxophone
Bjorn Sjoo: Trombone
Urban Nilsson: Bass
Dick Ask: Drums
Andreas Aarflot: Keyboards

Obscure keyboardist Aarflot put out this one very fine fusion album with many differentiators to the norm. These include a strong classical component (pipe organ, strings), sweet female vocals sung in Swedish, wonderful flute solos, and a strong dash of the Canterbury (melody, structure). Excellent album.



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  3. Met him at 13 (he was 12). Dude was already getting training on church organ (million dollar instruments, made around the corner). At first embryonic jazz-rock a la HANSSON & KARLSSON (see HENDRIX - TAX FREE). Later Lennon-McCartney-inspired songwriting and AGIT-PROP activities ANTON SVEDBERGS SVANGJANG). Aarflot is a remarkable talent. I am very fortunate to have come across this fine musician.
    Lars Frykholm