Monday, March 30, 2015

Agitation Free - 1999 - River Of Return

Agitation Free
River Of Return

01. River Of return (8:24)
02. 2 part 2 (5:46)
03. Fame's mood (4:10)
04. Susie sells seashells at the seashore (10:01)
05. The obscure carousel (5:16)
06. Nomads (7:07)
07. Das kleine Uhrwerk (5:04)
08. 177 spectacular sunrises (13:08)
09. Keep on (3:57)

- Lutz "Lüül" Ulbrich / guitar, keyboards
- Gustl Lütjens / guitar, keyboards
- Burghard Rausch / drums
- Johannes "Alto" Pappert (ex-Kraan) / saxophone
- Michael "Fame" Günther / bass, keybopards
Guest musicians:
- Chris Dehler / overtonevoice, Didgeridoo
- Koma / Bagpipe
- Minas Saluyan / percussion
- Bernard "Potsch" Potschka / guitar, Mandoline, Udu

I am not always sure groups should reform some twenty or thirty years later. Some are reforming just for a tour and are in for the fun and generally out to give the fun to the fans also. Where things are getting slippery is when they feel obliged to write a studio album and they are unable to catch the greatness of their heydays, unfortunately unable/afraid to write stuff as they were younger. So generally, I am wary and avoid common rock bands 's returns.

Nothing of the sort here: Agitation Free's latest release is quite fine (although it does not match the heights of their first two albums) and quite worthy of them. Most of the core members are in in fine form and many guest provide the world-music instruments. All of the tracks are of very good standard , maybe not of the impossibly high adventurous type of the early 70's, but manage to resemble what a fan might hope for such an album: honest , worthy and artisticly sound.

Most tracks will remind you of the good old days but without any nostalgic feelings that might alter your judgment. The downpoint might be the didgeridoo brak on the first tracks that seems to be uncalled for but is soon forgotten. The adding of a sax player (he obviously is very influenced by Supertramp's Helliwell) gives Lutjens and Ullbrich some space to breathe. Recommended to any Agit Free fan but do not expect Malesch-calibre stuff even though there are winks/hints of it.

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