Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Acid Mothers Gong - 2006 - Live Tokyo

Acid Mothers Gong
Live Tokyo

01. Gnome 11:11 [Invoking Third Dimensional Gnomolinguistix]
02. Ooom Ba Wa! [Invocation of Ulterior Motif & Conversation with Gongly Godpods]
03. Crazy Invisible She [Invocation of Undulating Absences]
04. The Unkilling of Doctor Octave Doctor Da Ja 4J [Ceremonie Undone]
05. Avahoot Klaxon Diamond Language Ritual
06. Rituel Umbrage Demon Stirfry & Its Upcum [Ceremoni Rhino-Electrik Upstir]
07. Jesu Ali Om Cruci-Fiction [Ceremoni Ikonaklastika]
08. Ze Teapot Zat Exploded [Ceremoni Joyful Killpast]
09. Eating Colonel Saunders Upside Down
10. Vital Info That Should Never Be Spoken [Ceremoni Secretif (Oui-Ja Boardinghouse of Codes)] 11. Parallel Tales of Fred Circumspex [All Nude Pissing on yr Toes Song]
12. The Isle of Underwear [Ceremoni Pink Lady Limonade 599g]
13. Ohm Riff Voltage 245 [Ceremoni Tribal Surge]
14. Totalatonal Farewell to the Innocents [Lullabye Jackal & Formaldahyde]

    Daevid Allen – guitar gliss, vocals/fx
    Gilli Smyth  – space whisperer
    Josh Pollack – guitar, megaphone
    Kawabata Makoto – guitar, voices
    Cotton Casino – synth, voices
    Hiroshi Higashi – synth, voices
    Yoshida Tatsuya – drums, sampler
    Tsuyama Atsushi – bass, whistle, vocals

Whatever you may think of Daevid Allen, no-one can doubt that he is an unusual person to say the least. Born in 1938 he has been a mainstay of the avant garde for many years and this album captures the latest incarnation of Gong, where they joined forces with Acid Mother Temple, a Japanese band performing a similar style of music.

This is the second album to be released from the 2004 tour, and captures a band that are kicking together producing music that is at the very limits of that definition. My wife tells me that the simple way to describe this album is just to say that it is crap, and I know where she is coming from. This is music that is out there, way out there, and if you want to see a photo of a naked 66 year old hippie strutting his stuff onstage then just look inside this digipak.

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