Monday, February 9, 2015

Wlud - 1979 - Second


01. Fire (6:15)
02. Rocky (6:42)
03. Nemausus (4:06)
04. Ay (4:05)
05. Sismique (5:30)
06. Le tigre (6:58)

- Philippe Wendling - synthesizer, electric piano, organ
- Bernard Labroche - electric guitar
- Gigi Untersinger - bass
- Gianni Drago - drums

This one is the second as implies the ttitle of the album, released in 1979 ans reissued by Musea in 1998. The music Wlud offers is keybord dominated album, but not in ELP style, only minor parts are alike, they sounds more like Rick Wakeman solo or they remind me of Carnegie or Miklagard, and I mean blistering key passages but good melted with some jazzy moments here and there. I like how this guys play and interlude to each other, only problem on this album is the production, the sound, very flat for this kind of music, the drums for ex sounds empty without that solid and full beat as a drum must sound. Anyway, good towards great in places, quite unnoticed band then like now, all pieces stands as good with a plus on Ay or Rocky, the rest arealso good.3.5 , some fine moments even some of them are as other reviewers observed little naive, but not bad at all. Nice to be discovered but many prog listners

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