Monday, February 9, 2015

Wlud - 1979 - Carrycroch'


01. Amazone - 5:22
02. Carrycroch' - 8:12
03. Holiday Maker - 5:12
04. Remember Song - 6:15
05. Sweet Bridge - 9:55
06. Spitfire (bonus) - 7:39

- Philippe Wendling - synthesizer, electric piano, organ
- Bernard Labroche - electric guitar
- Gigi Untersinger - bass
- Gianni Drago - drums

Short-lived French prog band,found in 1978 in the beautiful city of Colmar near the French- German borders.They consisted of Phillipe Wendling on keys,Bernard Labroche on guitars,Gigi Untersinger on bass and Gianni Drago on drums,reportedly they were all highly educated musicians.Actually the name of the band comes from the initial letters of the members' surnames.Theur debut ''Carrycroch'' came out in 1979 on Omega Studio.

Wlud played all instrumental jazzy progressive rock in their first effort with often a symphonic flavor.Their style recalls CAMEL and GENTLE GIANT in moments due to the melodic guitar playing of Labroche and the light interplays with Wendling's organ and electric piano.There are also plenty of jazzy guitar chops to be found along with long organ passages and electric piano virtuosic solos (RETURN TO FOREVER-styled),the rhythm section is decent but far from anything trully adventuruous,while the sound is very old-fashioned,resembling more to a band from early-70's.

Overall ''Carrycroch'' didn't break any new grounds,but it was definitely quite an achievement for a band back in 1979 to play such a non-commercial style of music and moreover in such a professional and inspiring way.Warmly recommended.

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