Sunday, February 22, 2015

Troya - 1976 - Point of Eruption

Point of Eruption

01. She (5:46)
02. Battle Rock (7:58)
03. Chromatik (4:06)
04. Festival (3:48)
05. Sinclair (4:58)
06. Choke (5:58)

- Elmar Wegmann / guitar, flute, vocals
- Klaus Pannewig / drums, glocken, vocals
- Wilhelm Weischer / bass
- Peter Savelsberg / organ, mellotron, and e-piano

TROYA is a quite obscure symphonic krautrock inspired german band that was formed in 1972 in Werne an der Lippe by Elmar Wegmann, Klaus Pannewig, Wilhelm Weischer. The band was first called Drastic. They changed the name and the line up to record symphonic psychedelic influenced music based principally on electric guitar, mellotron and vocals. The band disbanded during the end of the 1970s.
Influenced by classical and baroque music, in 1976 they released their unique self-financed album; Point of Eruption, with very little means. The disc has a very limited number of copies. It features enchanting melancholic music with long instrumental passages, mainly guitar and organ.

Garden of Delights must be commended for unearthing this gem from the mid 70s. Amateurly produced, down to the barebones cover, but very professionally played, "Point of Eruption" is not quite a typical German symphonic release from the 70s, as a discernible celtic sensibility is grafted on to the classic Krautrock spaciness, particularly in the vocals, lyrics and melodies of "She", "Battle Rock" and "Festival".

Organ and mellotron dominate the proceedings but Elmar Wegmann's guitars provide balance not to mention some good raw solos. Passages alternate agreeably between the atmospheric and the bombastic, sometimes bringing to mind Novalis' "Banished Bridge".

All the tracks not specifically named are instrumental and of high quality, but I feel the vocal tracks, warts and all, really give this band a distinctive quality and warrant a higher rating for the disk than the recording alone could justify. Recommended to lovers of refined melodic keyboard oriented prog, who don't have hangups about production!



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