Monday, February 23, 2015

Tortilla Flat - 1974 - Für Ein ¾ Stündchen

Tortilla Flat
Für Ein ¾ Stündchen

01. Tortilla Flat (9:59)
02. Temperamente (5:53)
03. Fati Morgani (3:55)
04. Rumpelstiltzchen (4:59)
05. Leere, Chaos, Schöpfung (10:15)
06. Obit, Anus, Obitanus (4:32)
07. Möhre (8:27)

-Hermann Josef Bosten/ flute, guitar
-Manfred Herten/ guitar
-Franz Brandt/ Keyboards
-Heribert Schippers/ bass
-Hans Friedrich Bosten/ drums, glockenspiel
-Albert Schippers/ percussion

The German band Tortilla Flat, named after a famous John Steinbeck novel, released their only record "Für ein ¾ Stündchen" as a, now highly sought-after, private pressing in 1974. The mainly instrumental record presents a Canterbury influenced jazz-rock reminding Dutch bands Supersister and to a lesser extent Focus and the German band Tomorrow's Gift with a strong accent on e-piano and flute. Apart from the musical influence the band showed also some typical Canterbury tongue in cheek humour with the title "Für Ein ¾ Stündchen", pointing in a humerous way to the average length of a vinyl record, the gothic lettered schoolbook cover and some short funny vocal elements.

Differently from many German bands of early 70-s, Tortilla Flat played not krautrock, but less psychedelic, mechanic and more complex and jazzy music, influenced by British Canterbury sound. Seven all-instrumental compositions, based on electric keyboards sound with many flute soloings and some fuzzing guitars. Melodic, relaxed, slightly psychedelic. Really nice and pleasant listening, and quite unusual for German music of that time.

Unhappily, the self-released album is absolute rarity now, and I never heard CD was released.



  2. A very nice record, many thanks