Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Lemon Pipers - 1968 - Jungle Marmalade

The Lemon Pipers 
Jungle Marmalade

01. Jelly Jungle    
02. I Was Not Born To Follow    
03. Everything Is You    
04. Catch Me Falling
05. Hard Core    
06. Love Beads And Meditation    
07. I Need Someone (The Painter)    
08. Lonely Atmosphere    
09. Wine And Violet    
10. Dead End Street / Half Light    

The Lemon Pipers included singer Ivan Browne, guitarist William Bartlett, keyboardist R.G. Nave, bassist Steve Walmsley, and drummer William Albaugh. The group is best known for their number-one bubblegum hit "Green Tambourine" and several followups, all written by the team of Paul Leka and Shelley Pinz. The group actually wanted to play more psychedelic music; they only recorded "Green Tambourine" because their label would have dropped them had they refused. They eventually got the artistic control they wanted and ended up dropping off the charts for good with their first self-produced album, Jungle Marmalade. They broke up in 1969, with Bartlett joining Ram Jam.

Other than the lead-off track, "Jelly Jungle", this record is a far cry from the bubblegum sounds the band is best known for. I love my gum, but even with its general distance from this recording, it's a great album. Our candy-coated minstrels dip their flutes in psychedelia, of course, but there's also a heavy infiltration of Byrds and San Francisco flower power -- but don't let that distract you. Usually when an album is described in such a way, it's an outdated hodgepodge of anti-war idealism and drugged-out experimentation. The music within these grooves has more staying power and longevity than you'd guess. If you find this one in the thrift store bins, snatch it up. I'd venture to call it one of the best records of the genre. A surprisingly mature, yet loose, adventure in the many flavors of late 60's garage-psych and sunshine baroque, that explores more avenues of the love generation than its contemporaries.


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  2. Thank You my Friend! It was very hard to find this disc