Sunday, February 1, 2015

Tamam Shud - 2003 - In Concert 1972

Tamam Shud
In Concert 1972

01. Turned Around To Find My Father Gone    
02. Midnight, Soft Light
03. What A Day It Is    
04. A Letter    
05. Sitting In The Sun    
06. Sprung    
07. Bali Waters
08. Bow Wow    
09. Directly From My Heart To You    
10. The Air's So Thick I Lost My Way Home
11. Young Girl Wastes Her Time    
12. The Morning Song    
13. A Book Among Magazines    
14. The Afternoon Song    
15. I'll Be Gone    

Bass – Peter Barron
Congas – Larry Duryea
Drums – Nigel Macara
Lead Guitar, Lead Vocals – Tim Gaze
Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar – Lindsay Bjerre
Reeds, Flute – Richard Lockwood

Recorded Live July 2, 1972

If only some of these tracks were recorded for an album! Great songs on this release with the band displaying their live prowess. The only downfall is the audible tape hiss but it's easily over-looked due to the great songs!
I'm going to go as far as saying that if these tracks were recorded in-studio it would easily rival Goolutionites as their best.

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