Sunday, February 1, 2015

Tamam Shud - 1970 - Goolutionites and the Real People

Tamam Shud
Goolutionites and the Real People

01. Goolutionites Theme
02. I Love You All
03. Heaven Is Closed
04. A Plague
05. Stand In The Sunlight
06. Take A Walk On A Foggy Morn
07. Goolutionites Theme Part 1 & 2

- Dannie Davidson / drums
- Tim Gaze / guitars
- Lindsay Bjerre / guitars, vocals
- Peter Barron / bass

One of the great albums of the period and genre. Tim Gaze's guitar work is the shining light of this album and considering his age when this was recorded (I believe he was 15/16) it is a clear indication of his pedigree as a guitarist. Goolutionites Theme is recurring throughout the album and much like the "Breathe" motif from Floyds Dark Side Of The Moon, it provides a link and depth to the album. "They'll Take You Down On The Lot" is an up tempo number with syncopated riffing and "I Love You All" is a powerful riff and one of the standout tracks.
Had a great time jamming with Tim Gaze on a few tracks like "Goolutionites Theme" last year, he was surprised that someone of my age was not only familiar with it but could also play the entire album!
Obviously I view this album as a milestone and urge people to give it a listen!

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