Friday, February 20, 2015

Syn - 1980 - Cast The First Stone

Syn - 1980 - Cast The First Stone

01. Take Me to Heaven 3:35
02. It's Gone 3:08
03. Home to You 4:33
04. Calling 4:03
05. Cast the First Stone 1:05
06. All Around 4:04
07. Radioactive Nights 4:06
08. Without You 4:19
09. Second Time Around 4:45
10. Set the World on Fire 3:40
11. Stoned Country Jam 2:02

Marc,alto sax,per,vo
Phillip Britton...bass,mandolin,flute,tenor sax,vo
Duane Loeper...key,violin
Randy Paxson....ds,cymbals

Recorded in Philadelphia,PA,from November,1979 to May,1980

Song based rock from Pennsylvania, with a few sophisticated arrangements and variation in music style. Features some nice keyboard, guitar and flute breaks. The 11 songs, all under 5 minutes, predominantly feature the female vocalist. She sings in a forceful yet pleasant style that was to become more common 20 years later. Overall a non-challenging but nice listen.

Sometimes we feel that the album is the masterpiece as soon as looking at the front cover of the album.
Syn's "Cast the First Stone" is the good example for the third eye myself.
Some years ago,I listened to this album's mp3 for the first time and loved very much as well as the front cover...Yes ,really one of American prog gems.
But unfortunately,it was mono rip and not so good sound.
Since then,it has been my long dream to rip from an original album with clear excellent sound quality.
The dream has come true at last.
Enjoy, mates !!!

I remember that I wondered why Annie Haslam sang in this album when I first heard Gloria's voice.
Gloria's voice sounds like Annie's.
Such as Benoît David's voice sounds like Jon Anderson,doesn't it ?



  2. Sounds like they really loved the group Heart.... thanks for the post