Sunday, February 1, 2015

Starfire - 1974 - Starfire


01. Comfort Me
02. My Love Is Gone
03. Many Moods Ago
04. Birth of the Sun
05. Island
06. Slippery
07. Merry Crises
08. To Wonder Life Alone

Chris Muis - Vocals.
Robert Mitchell - Guitar, Back-Vocals.
Robert Sephton - Bass, Back-Vocals.
Dennis Hovenden - Drums.
Randy Kelley - Keyboards.

Another gem that fell through the floor boards of time is this Prog Psych monster of an album by the little known Starfire. On pouring over research information we have been able to confirm that this band hailed from sunny California and recorded this album (probably their one and only release ) in 1974. Originally released on the Crimson Records label as a private pressing of no more than 200 copies it is almost impossible to track down an original of this immensely collectable album. To demand the tag 'Prog Psych Monster' we have a liberal dose of spooky swirling organ and fuzz guitars. Starfire sounds very much like Thunder Pussy but a bit more rockin.

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