Monday, February 23, 2015

Popol Vuh - 1976 - Yoga

Popol Vuh

01. Yoga 1 (22:10)
02. Yoga 2 (18:30)

- Florian Fricke (piano) & Indian musicians

This album was released without Florian's authorization, recordings being captured from casual playing with Indian musicians in the studio, and pressed to European market's with Popol Vuh name. Sometimes this kind of voyeurism to the recording processes can be interesting, though violating the autonomy of artists record releasing policies. I understood same kind of trick was done for Vangelis on "Hypothesis" recording, revealing some casual playing results outside the context of carefully considered thematic work. This forbidden peak to the Florian's studio reveals two long raga's with delightful sitar and tabla conversations and charming female vocalist's singing, Florian contributing with quite small emphasis trough his keyboards. The long durations are not borne however from very long mantric performings, but are edited together from shorter sequences. The classic Indian music tapestry should fit well for casual search of Hinduism feelings or as background music for enjoying vegetarian curry dish. Would have been interesting to hear what Florian might have been able to accomplish with more dedicated project with the anonymous musicians, though this album is quite charming also with the lovely cover arts and everything. Thematically it lacks however the sharp aim found from the earlier official recordings of Popol Vuh.

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