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Pescado Rabioso - 1973 - Artaud

Pescado Rabioso 

01. Todas Las Hojas Son Del Viento   
02. Cementerio Club
03. Por   
04. Superchería   
05. Las Sed Verdadera
06. Cantata De Puentes Amarillos
07. Bajan
08. A Starosta, El Idiota
09. Las Habladurías Del Mundo

Bass Guitar – Emilio Del Guercio
Drums – Carlos Gustavo Spinetta
Drums, Cowbell, Chorus – Rodolfo García
Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals, Maracas, Cymbal – Luis Alberto Spinetta

Unfortunately, by mid-1973, Pescado Rabioso split due to musical differences and a fight between Spinetta and David Lebón. A rock and roll single with a non-LP track ("Me gusta ese tajo") was released, and then Luis Alberto recorded a wonderful solo album credited to Pescado Rabioso: Artaud.

With the help of his brother Carlos Gustavo Spinetta on drums and his former Almendra mates Emilio del Güercio (bass) and Rodolfo García (drums) on some tracks, Artaud (obviously dedicated to French poet and actor Antonin Artaud [1895-1948]) is yet another masterpiece.

The cover deserves a chapter on its own. Even on this ground Spinetta surpasses his own limits. Instead of being square, the original cover of Artaud had an odd oversized shape that made it impossible to rack in conventional LP bins. It is a serious competitor for The World's Most Original and Anti-Commercial LP Cover contest. It also included a small booklet with the lyrics and technical information.

With a different (mainly folk) musical style than Pescado 2, Artaud opens with the wonderful "Todas las hojas son del viento". "Cementerio Club" is a psycho blues. The strange "Por", the moody "Surperchería" and the beautiful "La sed veradera" come next. Side B opens with the long and climatic "Cantata de puentes amarillos", and is followed by the electric "Bajan", the psycho "A Starosta, el idiota" and the terrific "Las habladurías del mundo"(one of the best songs of the album). A difficult LP to describe, due to the nature of the music and the lyrics, but a must for Spinetta followers.

Despite its brief existence, Pescado Rabioso is still today the most influential group of Argentine progressive rock musicians.

Late in 1973 Spinetta formed Invisible. In 1976 a best-of LP Lo mejor de Pescado Rabioso (Talent SE-620) was released, featuring all the singles. All the albums have been widely reissued on vinyl and CD. (Note: reissues of Pescado 2 lack the booklet; Artaud's cover became regular square!).

Using Pescado 2 as a launching pad, Luis Alberto Spinetta completely reinvented the band's sound. While Pescado 2 was heavily rooted in hard rock, and psychedelic rock (maybe a bit of blues too, I dunno), Artaud took a much more stripped down singer-songwriter, and even jazzy approach (especially the drumming style). The perfect lounge rock record.

It's an improvement over Pescado 2 too. Instead of trying to come up with enough material to fill a double album, Luis just goes for a single album of all killer and no filler, and he pulls it off brilliantly. I've heard that the lyrics are fantastic, but being a first year Spanish student (and nothing is sticking), I can't tell. But the music alone is extremely evocative, and Spinetta's voice is amazing. Just to give you an idea of how emotional in tune he is with his music, he actually cries on "A Starota, el Idiota". Talk about awkward...It's a really good song, though. And it also samples "She Loves You" by The Beatles, and I wish I knew the reasoning behind that one.

But by golly, this is some amazing stuff! It's not all that jazzy rock stuff. "Supercheria" rocks some major cock! It out rocks everything Axl Rose could ever imagine doing (not that that's hard to do).  The other great songs on here are "Todas las Hojas Son del Viento", "Cantata de Puentes Amarillos", and "A Starota, el Idiota". What I love about this album is that a lot of songs focus on having a brilliant melody throughout, and then they end with fantastic guitar outros, that out awesome just about every guitarist out there.

This album is serious business. Get it.



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