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Pappo's Blues - 1973 - Pappo's Blues Volumen 4

Pappo's Blues
Pappo's Blues Volumen 4

01. Fiesta cervezal
02. Gato de la calle negra
03. Abelardo el pollo
04. Semilla de sésamo
05. Con Elvira es otra cosa
06. Sol de armónica
07. El palacio de la montaña en invierno

Pappo: Guitar, Harmonica, Vocals
David, Lebon: Rhythm Guitar
Alejandro Medina: Bass
Black Amaya: Drums
Isa Portugheis: Percussion

On track 5
Carlos Alberto "Machi" Rufino: Bass
Héctor "Pomo" Lorenzo: Drums

Fourth chapter of Pappo's Blues, featuring guitarist-vocalist Pappo and his voice which brings some Hanna-Barbera's character to mind, here we have this "Vol.4", released on the last months of 1973.
The opening tune "Fiesta cervezal" (Beer party), a superfluous rock with ostinato transports the beef quickly toward "Gato de la calle negra" (Black street's cat), only track penned by Pappo and an enigmatic Tony Gibson, song framed by spectacular, blackened riff and cool drums, creating a hypnotic mood.
This one and the proto-metal "Abelardo el pollo", are the best tracks, followed by "Semilla de sesamo", a 9-minute instrumental that reaches a heavy epilogue on its last minutes.
After this sequence appears "Con Elvira es otra cosa" bringing some blues rock a la Led Zeppelin's "Living loving maid", and including twin guitars; let's add that this LP was probably the last "accessible" output from Pappo's Blues, because the next three records are quite un-approachable and obscure, so to speak.
After the long monster blues "Sol de armonica", the long play closes with an unusual acoustic instrumental, "El palacio de la montaña en invierno" (The mountain palace in winter), which is a sweet little tune with groovy drums, acoustic bass and delicate, slightly echoing chords from a meek electric guitar.
This tune is totally different to the rest of the album, and brings the end of the record in a mystic mood, from the Andes or the Himalayas maybe.

I'm not sure if originality is still important in rock music at this stage of the game but, if it is, Pappo's Blues "Volumen 4" should be taken into account.

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