Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Pappo's Blues - 1973 - Pappo's Blues Volumen 3

Pappo's Blues 
Pappo's Blues Volumen 3

01. Stratocaster boogie
02. Pájaro metálico
03. Sucio y desprolijo
04. El sur de la ciudad
05. Sandwiches de miga
06. El brujo y el tiempo
07. Trabajando en el ferrocarril
08. Caras en el parque
09. Siempre es lo mismo nena

Pappo: Vocals, Guitar, Piano
Carlos Alberto "Machi" Rufino: Bass, Vocals
Héctor "Pomo" Lorenzo: Drums

Third volume out of the seven that the delirious Pappo's Blues spaceship left recorded in the 70s for next generations to discover it.
This is the album where Pappo's Blues find the strongest influence from Jimi Hendrix, and among the highlights, the proto-metal "Sucio y desprolijo", "Pájaro metálico", the Celtic-like? "El sur de la ciudad", the delirious lyrics of "Sandwiches de miga" (according to the legend, penned by Pappo seconds before playing it live for the first time), or the esoteric "El brujo y el tiempo" (The wizard and the time) among others, sum up a tremendous psychedelic hard rock record.
The trippy & acid atmosphere are there, too, and already it can be noted from the artwork (the internal photos showing the trio, Pappo, Pomo & Machi are extraordinary).
Little to say about this, since it needs to be heard to be understood; maybe like a footnote here I can add that the opening instrumental track "Stratocaster boogie" was recorded using... a Gibson Les Paul.



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