Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Pappo's Blues - 1972 - Pappo's Blues Volumen 2

Pappo's Blues 
Pappo's Blues Volumen 2

01. El tren de las 16
02. Llegará la paz
03. Insoluble
04. Tema I
05. Desconfío
06. Pobre Juan
07. Blues de Santa Fe
08. Tumba

Pappo Napolitano: Vocals, Guitar, Piano
Black Amaya: Drums
Carlos Piñata: Bass
Luis Gambolini: Drums

The second fascicle of this adventure that -in the 70s- was called Pappo's Blues, simply entitled "Vol. 2", is a rare example of what could be deemed stoner rock in 1972, the groovy bass, the drums and the Pappo's guitar signature recreated in the past, a sound of the future.
Seeing the naive artwork is difficult to guess this half an hour contained in the record, featuring psychedelic hard rock, and the appeal of its strange sound (probably due to technical defects sometimes).
"Pappo's Blues 2" contains, in its minimal duration, some of the classics of this deceased guitarist, composer and singer, 'Tren de las 16', 'Llegará la paz', 'Insoluble', 'Tema I' (aka Hay tiempo para elegir, aka Castillo de piedra) or the melancholic blues with piano 'Desconfío' (aka Desconfío de la vida), which is one of the most beautiful blues I've ever heard.
'Solitario Juan' (aka Pobre Juan), 'Blues de Santa Fe' (aka Un blues para Santa Fe) and the great 'Cementerio' (aka Tumba), shape the side two, finally, with longer songs and some interesting lyrics, intriguing at times.

It could be said that several factors make of this little album one of the Pappo's finest LPs, capturing even today, 42 years later, the attention of the listener with its inept production, streetwise philosophy, weird riffs.

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